War Wolves Army

War Wolves Army

Welcome to War Wolves Army

War Wolves Army introduces a Force of their ferocity, smartness, and agility.

A limited NFT legendary characters that have been designed by world-class artists with savage instincts for detail, quality, and adaptability.War Wolves Army’s NFTs will be the world’s most refined and exclusive collection of provably rare digital assets, stored for eternity on the blockchain.

What Sets Us Apart

The Characters

 A unique group of the most elite and refined war characters ever created, one of a kind, to protect the world. Owning a War Wolves Army character is like being in the presence of virtual gods.

Immersive world

A world that rewards tactics and teamwork, a world ruled by the strongest and meanest. Destined to rule Metaverse, War Wolves Army is playing its role in the immersive world.

The Goal

Our long-term goals are to provide fresh digital viewing experiences, We are focusing on creating a close-knit community that will appreciate each character’s identity while achieving.

About Us


We are introducing a force of superior warriors, renowned for their ferocity, cunning, and agility. The provably rare digital assets the War Wolves Army’s NFTs will be stored on the blockchain in the world’s most sophisticated and exclusive collection.

Only a limited number of legendary characters will ever be produced to preserve their majesty and power for a select group of people who want to be revered in the Metaverse for all time. World-class artists with a savage eye for detail, quality, and adaptability created every army character.


The wilderness of Metaverse is filled with treacherous valleys, blood sucking predator and ferocious rebels. War Wolves Army is the only refuge for your portfolio, only force to fill your thirst of vengeance, only power to conquer them all. Metaverse is going to have a messiah, the wolves will claim their birth right to rule the Metaverse. You have the chance to be part of this great army and have a legacy in the Metaverse that echoes in the dungeons of deep web for eons to come.


Starting imminently, every month, WWA holders will receive their share of 2% of resale in a unique awards program that recognizes community engagement and ownership continuation.

While additional share points can be earned by owners displaying their WWA on their Twitter profile, and also by following all the WWA social media platforms.

  • Full Commercial Rights

    The art is totally and completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to be the star of its own show.

  • Exclusive Discord Channel for WWA NFT Holders

    You will be added in elite community of WWA NFT holders.

  • Free NFT Airdrop in Our Next Project

    Free NFT airdrop in the next NFT project to the holders of 10 WWA generals.

  • Exclusive Community Giveaway

    Every quarter the exclusive WWA community will be eligible for unique and special community giveaways. Prizes include but are not limited to special edition of WWA NFTs.

  • Charitable Donations

    Every member of the WWA community will have the opportunity to decide which charitable NGO WWA should support. Scholarships will be given to the needy students.

The Collections

When facing threats from outside, the War Wolves Army acts as the first line of defense.

Why War Wolves Army NFTs?

The Metaverse’s Wilderness is filled with bloodsucking predators, vicious rebels, and perilous valleys. War Wolves Army NFTs are the only entity that can protect your portfolio, satisfy your thirst for vengeance, and defeat them all. Have The Chance to Be Part of This Great Army and Have a Legacy in The Metaverse That Echoes in The Dungeons of Deep Web for Eons to Come.

Obtain adaptation

To earn your mutation, take part in activities and our community. It will appear as a stamp on the background of your NFT, allowing you to invent your own story and raising the rarity of your NFT.

Real and virtual Events

War Wolves Army offers exclusive access to world-class events taking place in spectacular locations and high-quality lives streams ensuring equal opportunity for all.

The warrior’s
Road Map


30th Sept 2022

Intro of War Wolves Army NFTs

On September 30th, the War Wolves Army team released collectibles and made NFT fans aware that a force with their ferocity, intelligence, and agility was about to take over the metaverse.

1st November 2022

999 Collectibles

In order to showcase the elegance of the War Wolves army NFTs, we launched 999 of our characters. We also invited the warriors to join Discord, Twitter, and our other social media platforms so that they can stay updated.

Q1, 2023

3,999 Collectibles

In the first quarter of 2023 we will launch 3,999 of our collectibles, each army character has been created by world-class artists with a ferocious eye for detail, quality, and adaptability.

Q2, 2023

4,999 Collectibles

Only a limited number of legendary characters will be minted, preserving their majesty and influence for a select few who wish to be revered forever in the Metaverse.



War Wolves Army NFT Artist Graysen



War Wolves Army NFT Artist Christopher
War Wolves Army NFT Artist Liza


Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. An NFT is basically a data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

You will be able to buy through OpenSea. Join our discord to be a part of our community.

The wait is about to end. We have launched our collection on 1st November, 2022

The Wilderness Of Metaverse Is Filled With Treacherous Valleys, Blood Sucking Predator And Ferocious Rebels. War Wolves Army Is The Only Refuge For Your Portfolio, Only Force To Fill Your Thirst Of Vengeance, Only Power To Conquer Them All.